How do you make your Bows? TOP

Each Bow has been Personally Hand Cut, Treated, Sewn and Stiffened for a long lasting wear.  I hand sew 2 Professional "LATEX FREE",  Extra Heavy, Opaque colored Bands to each Bow for top knot placement.  I also can attach a Barrette for an additional charge.  If you are interested in Barrettes, please contact me. 
I have been making bows for many years now.  I have tried many different ribbons, beads, crystals, rhinestones, bands, barrettes, and fabric products to get what I feel is a great long lasting and safe bow.  For this reason, I am unable to share my design, just yet.  If you have a suggestion, or a comment, please sign and comment on my guestbook page.  I also would love to make your Custom Bow Order.   I am constantly on the look for new and exciting products and ideas; I dream Bows!

NEW!!!! We sell Instructions and Bow Starter KIts to start making your own Professional looking Bows.

What size Bow is right for my dog? TOP

Suggested For
If your Dog Weighs
3/8" Single Loop
X Small
 Tea Cups, Puppies & Collars, Any Furbaby!
5 lbs & under
5/8" Single Loop
 Yorkies, Maltese, Shih-Tzu, Poodles, Tea Cups, Silky, Llhasa Apso, & Collars, Any Furbaby!
5 - 10 lbs
3/8" Single Loop Pairs
Ear Bows / Pairs
Poodles & Maltese, Any Furbaby!
3 - 10 lbs

5/8" Single Loop Pairs

Ear Bows / Pairs
Poodles & Maltese, Any Furbaby!

Over 10 lbs.

The Chart above is just Suggested Guide to follow, once you have decided what size Bow looks Best on your Baby the sky is the limit!  We think any sized bow looks great an any Breed, it's your choice.

Bow Style

Bow Width

Approx. Bow Length

3/8" Single Loop

3/8" inch (just a little more than 1/4" inch wide)

1 1/2" (from Flag End to Flag End)

5/8" Single Loop

5/8" inch (just a little more than 1/2" inch wide)

1 1/2" (from Flag End to Flag End)


3/8" inch (just a little more than 1/4" inch wide)

1 1/2" (from Flag End to Flag End)


1 inch Round

1 inch Round

The Chart above is provided to guide you with the approximate measurements of a Bow.  Each Bow is Unique & Hand Made, so the sizes may slightly vary.

Why do you use LATEX FREE Bands? TOP

Natural rubber latex is found in a wide range of manufactured goods and has been known to trigger anaphylaxis-producing allergies.  A Latex allergy is an allergic sensitivity to the proteins in natural rubber latex that often worsens with each exposure.   A Latex allergy can range from a simple skin irritation to life-threatening anaphylaxis.  The definition of anaphylaxis is:  Hypersensitivity especially in animals to a substance, such as foreign protein or a drug, that is caused by exposure to a foreign substance after a preliminary exposure.
For this reason I have been using LATEX FREE Bands for several years.  So be assured that your dog is safe from a Latex Sensitivites & Allergies when using Toni's Bows!

Why does it take up to 2 weeks to send my bow order? TOP

Each Doggy bow order is handmade, only after your order is received. Most Bow orders are shipped in less time.  Bow orders are based on the date placed and your cleared payment status. You will be notified when your order is shipped by email.

What if I don't like my bow order when it arrives? TOP

Your purchase from Toni' Bows. is satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy with your order, simply return any unused items in the original shipping box within 7 days and your money will be refunded (less shipping costs).  Please do not return any items in any kind of envelope; Bows will get damaged and we cannot refund bows that are damaged.

Do you accept Custom Orders? TOP

Custom Bows are welcome.  If you have an idea, please contact me by email.  A Custom Bow Order Form is coming Soon!!!

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