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Design a Bow -  Its FUN & EASY!
Christmas Bow
Step 1.   Pick your Loop Color - this is the biggest part & base of your Bow I will usually use a double layer of this color so the Bow is very sturdy.  See Color Chart Below.
Step 2.   Pick your Overlay Ribbon - this is an added extra that is a smaller ribbon in width and adds a little whimsy to your Bow (please take a look at some of my Christmas Bows to get an idea of the different ribbons I offer).
Step 3.   Pick your Flag Color - this is the bottom of the Bow and can be cut in several different ways.
Step 4.   Pick your Flag Cut - this is the angle the Bottom of the Bow is cut
Step 5.   Pick your Center Bead - this is the decoration that is in the middle of the Bow to make it pretty and sparkling.
Step 6.  Pick your side Beads - thes are the 2 smaller beads that add an extra sparkle to your Bow.  They are placed on each side of the Center Bead.
Step 7.  Thats my Step, I will Sew YOUR CREATION and send it to you!!!!
If you have any questions please email me.
Look Below to see some examples of Christmas Bows!!

Design A Bow Christmas Color Chart
Grosgrain Loop Color:
Overylay Ribbon:
Flag Color:
Flag Cut:
Center Bead:
Side Beads:

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