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Grooming Bands 5/16"-
#ACC001 Grooming Bands 5/16"
You are purchasing "Latex Free" Grooming Bands.  These grooming bands are perfect to use before putting one of Toni's Bows on your pooch!
Natural rubber latex is found in a wide range of manufactured goods and has been known to trigger anaphylaxis-producing allergies.  A Latex allergy is an allergic sensitivity to the proteins in natural rubber latex that often worsens with each exposure.   A Latex allergy can range from a simple skin irritation to life-threatening anaphylaxis.  The definition of anaphylaxis is:  Hypersensitivity especially in animals to a substance, such as foreign protein or a drug, that is caused by exposure to a foreign substance after a preliminary exposure.
For this reason I have been using LATEX FREE Bands for several years.  So be assured that your dog is safe from a Latex Sensitivites & Allergies when using Toni's Bows!
Item: LATEX FREE Bands
Qty: 25, 50. 100 or 250
Size: 5/16"
Strength: X-Heavy
Color: Opaque White



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